Historic Fredericksburg

Located just 78 miles east of Austin, Texas, the town of Fredericksburg was established in 1846 and continues to celebrate its German roots to this day. Though still quaint, with a population of less than 12,000 people, the charm of the city has allowed it become a popular weekend destination for many Texans.

Peppered with a variety of restaurants, boutique gift stores, and local attractions, Main Street offers a variety of entertainment and cultural options for residents and visitors of all ages. Fredericksburg is also known for its many world-class wineries. From the Marktplatz and the National Museum of the Pacific War to the surrounding creeks and outdoor recreation opportunities, Fredericksburg offers visitors a welcoming and engaging visit any time of year.

Our Accommodations

Each of the suites at our Fredericksburg hotel is unique, and you can view photos and descriptions for each on our Suites page. When fully booked at the Lodge, we offer additional accommodations at our next-door sister location, The Inn Above Town Creek. The quaint and charming creekside property features one of the oldest live oak trees in Gillespie County and is located on the same block as The Lodge. As a guest of The Inn, you would be able to enjoy the common areas at The Lodge such as our fireplace, pool, and covered patio areas. You’ll be able to order select wines for in-suite enjoyment as well.

Check availability and rates for either The Inn or The Lodge by using our online reservation portal or by calling our office directly. Our friendly staff looks forward to welcoming you!